Current Activities
2019-present    Member, Southern Utah University General Education Committee
2019-present    Chair, Southern Utah University G. E. Committee Curriculum Management Work-Group
2019-present    Faculty Mentor, Department of Physical Science
ChairW. M. Gibson College of Science and Engineering Pre-Medical Committee
2015-present    Member, Southern Utah University Faculty Library Committee
2015-present    Faculty RepresentativeBarry Goldwater Scholarship
2014-present    MemberW. M. Gibson College of Science and Engineering Pre-Dental Committee

Past Activities
2019-2020       Member, Department of Physical Science Leave, Rank and Tenure Committee
2019-2020       Member, Department of Physical Science A. C. S. Examination Administration Policy Committee
2018-2019        Chair, Department of Physical Science Tenure-Track Chemistry Faculty Search Committee
2017-2018        Member, Department of Physical Science Nontenure-Track Lecturer Faculty Search Committee
2016-2017        Chair, Department of Physical Science Appropriate Student Use of Technology in the Classroom Policy Committee
2015-2017        Member, Center for Applied Research and Advanced Technology Seminar Committee
2015-2016        Member, Department of Physical Science Tenure-Track Physical Chemistry Faculty Search Committee
2014-2018        MemberW. M. Gibson College of Science and Engineering Pre-Medicine Committee
2014-2019        Member, Southern Utah University Outstanding & Distinguished Educator Awards Committee
2014-2015        Member, Department of Physical Science Tenure-Track Clinical Biochemistry Faculty Search Committee
2013-2016        Member, Southern Utah University Festival of Excellence Committee
2012-2013        Member, L. S. and Aline W. Skaggs Center for Health and Molecular Sciences Building Naming Ceremony Committee