Course Information

  • AA 3050 - Cultural Policy In Context (Study Abroad) 
  • Students will develop an understanding of international arts and cultural policy through complete immersion in the arts and culture of a selected country. Students will become empowered advocates for the arts as they engage with indigenous peoples and policy makers on a global level, in turn learning more about our own domestic cultural policy.
  • AA 6010 - Principles of Arts Administration
  • Students will learn the basic principles of arts administration (including general arts management, organizational leadership, financial management, marketing, development, and strategic planning) and apply those theories into practice through the creation of a project arts organization. This course will also give students an overview of the importance of arts advocacy and the role students will play as future creators of cultural policy.
  • AA 6070 - Leadership Development in the Arts
  • Students will develop and apply leadership, management and organizational theory to help organizations better fulfill their mission and vision through the work of staff, board and volunteers. Activities include students developing personality profiles and leadership style preferences, as well as applying principles of social and psychological dynamics to create and support an effective work place. Students will write and report on a comprehensive case study that requires the integration of the leadership theory and practice including detailed recommendations to address conflict in the work place.
  • AA 6210 - Grant Writing 
  • Students will become familiar with the process of grant research, writing, and compliance. Theory will be applied into practice as students identify real-world organizations in need of funding, locate potential funding sources (including government, corporate, and foundation grants), write grant proposal, and submit those proposals to the funding organization.
  • AA 6850 - Professional Development & Projects 
  • This course provides Arts Administration graduate students opportunities to gain project management experience through the planning and execution of events such as the annual USF/SUU Shakespeare Competition, the annual SUMA Art Auction, and the annual SUUAA Orientation Conference. This course also give students a space to work on professional development through the program Apologia.
  • AA 6900 - Capstone - Master of Fine Arts 
  • Students will link theory with practice as participants in a 10-week residency internship at a professional arts organization. The internship is individually arranged by the student in collaboration with AA faculty and an on-site supervisor. A design statement, written by the student and agreed upon by the participating parties, will outline the goals of the student within the internship, focusing on substantive experiences which will demonstrate the student’s practical knowledge and skill acquired in the five previous semester in the AA program. Design statement fulfillment will be analyzed by the AA Graduate Committee at the end of the student’s sixth and final semester.
  • AA 6940 - Capstone - Master of Arts
    Students in the Arts Administration Master of Arts degree program will demonstrate knowledge of the field through a Capstone project, bringing evidence of increasing skills and applying scholarly theory directly into practice. Students must obtain project approval from the Arts Administration Director and work under the supervision of a Final Project committee.
  • AA 6980 - Degree Defense 
    At the end of their sixth and final semester, students will present and defend their Apologia [a cumulative portfolio of their time in the AA program] to the AA Graduation Committee. The purpose of this course is to demonstrate the sum of knowledge and experience students have gained in the Arts Administration program at Southern Utah University.