Guilty Pleasures


The Cutting Edge

If you want to know what "toe-pick" means, go rent this.



It's filmed in Lehi, Utah and has lots of cheesy dancing.  You know you're singing the song right now.


My Cousin Vinny

I love Joe Pesci.  The screenplay is good, but I don't think anyone else could have pulled this off.


Karate Kid II

That scene where he has to break through all the sheets of ice...classic!


Raising Arizona

Nicolas Cage steals diapers while wearing panty hose on his head.  This movie put Cage and the Coen Brothers on the map (if you don't count Blood Simple).


Superman II

 Superman fighting three baddies with equal powers is clearly the best of the original quadrilogy of Christopher Reeves' films.



Ok, you got me.  I'm a Kevin Bacon fan.  This movie would have been terrible without just the right mix of Bacon, humor, and thrills.


Big Trouble in Little China

The film's standout line is, "It's all in the reflexes."  Quentin Tarantino said by casting Kurt Russell in his film Death Proof, he wanted to see the old Russell from "Big Trouble in Little China."  I miss that guy too.


Rocky IV

Rocky fights the enormous Russian Ivan Drago.  My favorite scene is where Drago seriously injures Apollo Creed in the ring and then utters the line "If he dies, he dies!"  Only a movie released during the Cold War could have such overt propaganda.


Legally Blonde

This one is hard to justify.  My favorite line is where Elle Woods (yes, I know the character's name) responds to her boyfriend's puzzled question: You got into Harvard?  Woods responds: "What, like it's hard?"


Bring it On

If  you want to know what "spirit fingers" are, go rent this one.  I think a movie parodied this film recently with the line: "Bring it on!"  in response, someone said: "Oh, it's already been brought."


Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

My wife thinks the men in this movie are "so handsome."  Now, I have to supervise her while she watches it. We now have a no gawking rule!  Did I add that I like the film as well.



The choreography in this is so over the top, but quite brilliant.  Asian filmmaker John Woo teamed with Chow Yun Fat for one of the Best action movies of all time. You just have to not mind the Cantonese subtitles, which I prefer over the dubbing over a Chinese man's voice with some guy with a French accent.  


Tommy Boy

Don't you just miss Chris Farley?  I actually don't like David Spade, but the chemistry between the big man and the little man is perfect.



I still can't believe I have a movie starring Weird Al Yankovic on my list.  Watch for yourself and see if you don't laugh during this one.


Music and Lyrics

I'm not sure what it is about Hugh Grant's wussy boy charm that I find appealing. I've liked him in almost everything.  In this one, the music is embarrassingly catchy.  Most of it was written by the writer and singer of that popular song "Stacie's Mom has Got it Goin' On".


High School Musical

I would like to say that this one grew on me after my kids watched it so many times.  If I'm honest, though, I have to admit I found the movie infectious on the first viewing.


Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

One of the guys from this movie (Keanu Reeves) went on to have a pretty good career (even despite some difficulties in the acting department). The other guy...not so lucky (Sorry Alex Winters, you must be so jealous!).


The Goonies

I saw this in the theater when I was a kid.  Something about the treasure hunting and the pirates got to me. It doesn't hurt that a guy named Spielberg produced it and Richard Donner (Superman, Lethal Weapon) directed it.  


Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

This is the one where the creepy guys puts these bugs in people's ears (and no it wasn't Benedict Cumberbatch).  That did the trick for me.


The Neverending Story

"Bastian, please, call my name!!!"  I remember the kids on the playground in elementary school talking about how cool this movie was.



This has cheesy writing and cheesy stunts, but it's wildly entertaining.  I especially like the guy who throws like 25 knives per second.


Gleaming the Cube

I bet you've never even heard of this one.  Great skateboarding movie with Christian Slater.  Gleaming the cube apparently has something to do wait...I have no idea.


Point Break

 I can't believe I put Keanu Reeves on here twice.  As an avid skydiver (ok, I've only been 4 times), I especially like the scene where Reeves jumps out of the plane with no parachute on and tries to catch up to the bad guy (who is wearing a chute). The show Mythbusters just proved this is actually possible.  Hah!


Some Kind of Wonderful

This film came out during the era that brought us Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, and the Breakfast Club. Although I like all of those movies, this one definitely stands out to me.



Alicia Silverstone's performance in this is spot-on.  Either she's a brilliant actress or she is this dumb in real life. Either way, the character is fascinating.



Ok, I saved the best for last.  At one point I had a collection of over 500 DVD's.  People would come over to my house and start examining my collection.  Inevitably, they would always shout out, "You have Tron!!!"  After a while, my wife would just roll her eyes when people would say this.  Did I mention that they were all men. If you're a woman or you don't have a smidgin of geek in you, beware of this film!