Movie Time with Kevin Stein

I used to participate in a weekly radio show on SUU's Thunder 91 (with DJ Angie Smith).  The show was called "Movie Time with Kevin Stein" (I know...great title!) and featured discussion on a variety of movie topics.  I was once told I have a face for radio, which I'm pretty sure is not a compliment.  Hopefully, my soothing monotone voice and our stimulating content will leave you riveted.  Click on the desired player below to listen.

Scary Movies (Halloween Special)

All Things Kevin Bacon

Animated Movies

Best and Worst Christmas Films

Best and Worst Movie Presidents

Buddy Movie Clichés

Chick Flicks and Tearjerkers

Films that Made Way Too Much Money

Good Guys, Anti-Heroes, & Stupid Heroes

The Great Films of Martin Scorsese

Movie Line Mania

Movie Time Picks the Best Bad Guys

Movies We Hate with a Passion

Sports Movie Playoff

The Comedy Oscars (if they existed)

The Great Science Fiction Showdown

The Great Spielberg Showdown

The Indiana Jones 4 Disaster

The Under-Appreciated Guy Movie Genre

The Bill Murray Special Edition