Actuarial Science Emphasis

Actuarial Science Emphasis

Get ready to be an actuary by majoring in mathematics with an Emphasis in Actuarial Science right here at SUU. Actuaries use mathematical models to put a price tag on risk. They are in high demand by insurance companies, government, banks, and investment firms.

Why would I want to be an actuary?

The job of actuary is consistently ranked as one of the most desirable jobs in terms of low stress, high compensation, lots of autonomy, strong hiring demand and several other key criteria. Find out more about this profession at Be An Actuary.

How much can I expect to earn as an actuary?

The Salary Survey of D.W.Simpson shows that actuaries are very well compensated. You can also see from this survey that passing actuarial exams translates into substantial increases in compensation. The exams are administered by the Society of Actuaries (SoA) and the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) .

Which courses at SUU will prepare me to take actuarial exams?

Start out by taking the calculus sequence (MATH 1210, MATH 1220, MATH 2210). Calculus is not explicitly tested on the exams anymore, but it is a necessary foundation. The following table shows which courses you should take to get ready for the first four actuarial exams. All of the courses listed below are part of the curriculum for the Emphasis in Actuarial Science.

Society of Actuaries Casualty Actuarial Society SUU Courses
Exam P (Probability) Exam 1 MATH 3700 Probability & Statistics
Exam FM (Financial Mathematics) Exam 2 MATH 3500 Actuarial Mathematics
FIN 3250 Managerial Finance I
FIN 3260 Managerial Finance II
Exam M (Actuarial Models) Exam 3 MATH 3500 Actuarial Mathematics
MATH 3700 Probability & Statistics
Exam C (Construction and Evaluation of Actuarial Models) Exam 4 MATH 3700 Probability & Statistics
MATH 3770 Mathematical Models
ECON 4260 Econometrics

I want to know more! Who can I talk to?

For more information on this program see Andreas Weingartner, who passed all the exams necessary to earn the designation Associate of the Society of Actuaries.